Sunday, 6 July 2014


 Aloha guys!!

I have left Waikoloa and I'm currently staying in Waikiki. There's a lot of Japanese restaurants here and one of them is Magokoro, located on 1831 Ala Moana Blvd, #102, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815Waikiki96815 (near Hilton Hawaiian Village) ; Tel: (808) 951-5001

Magokoro serves typical Japanese Cuisines like sushi, tempura, udon, etc. They have this special menu thing that changes everyday.

The prices aren't as expensive as other restaurants here in Hawaii. 

For the drink, we ordered cold ocha

and as for the food, we ordered a lot. Mostly from today's special menu.

1. Crunchy Roll

It's really delicious. I love the crispy stuff. The portion is normal, not as big as the usual American restaurants.

2. Gyoza

I don't really recommend this one. It tastes like any other gyoza but this one is just a bit bland I think and not crunchy enough. I really like it when the gyoza is super duper fried and the corners get hard.

3. Stie fried udon with garlic spice (peperon style)

Now I don't know what in the world does peperon style even mean but this dish is really delicious. The udon is really chewy and I love the garlic taste of it.

4. Vegetable tempura + shrimp yasaitami

Now I don't really get it but well, we did order the veggie and shrimp tempura and my mom wanted to order yasaitami but they said they didn't really have the menu but we can still order it. And when it came out, it looked like yasaitami including shrimps and veggie tempura. Nevertheless, they're delicious (^-^)/

5. Karaage 

6. Mackerel Set (comes with rice)

I love this one! The set includes salad, rice, miso soup and the sauce.

I'd definitely come again to this restaurant if I ever come back again to Honolulu!!



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