Sunday, 27 July 2014

Maybelline COLORSHOW Orange Icon


Couple of weeks ago, I visited the local mall and got myself 2 lipsticks and one crayon khôl :> 

One of them is this fabulous Maybelline ColorShow #308 Orange Icon <3

The packaging was simple and they're relatively small so it's easy to cary them in your bags or clutches or maybe in your pocket :)

The colour is not exactly orange and is a bit reddish like a tomato I suppose :| 
-- I was looking for orange-orange not tomato-orange actually but oh well, my fault for not examining the tester :)

Anyway, the lipstick was super easy to apply since the tip is shaped like that.

That's the outcome on my lips :p

- applies smoothly
- makes your lips look plump and hidrated
- moisturize your lips
- affordable
- shiny finish 
- perfect for everyday use since the colour is not too bright and not too bold.

- not long lasting

Anyway, that's the end of my review!!

Wish you a joyous Eid ul-Fitr (Lesser Bairam) ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Happy holiday!!



Friday, 18 July 2014

IBB MUC July 2014

Hello!! This month our blog will participate again in IBB Make Up Challenge! This month's theme is "Playful Summer" sponsored by THEFACESHOP .. *wow* first time joining a make up challenge --last month's challenge were participated by Michiru :)

There are some requirements such as liking all of the sponsor's social media account and us participant has to screenshot and post it as prove.

1. Twitter

2. Facebook

3. Instagram

4. Linkedin

5. Pinterest

6. KakaoTalk

It took me quite some time re-activating my pinterest and kakaotalk account. And I even joined LinkedIn.

Anyway, move on to the next topic, I'm going to post only 1 make up looks for this challenge :)

Since it's summer and it's hot outside, I was thinking that the make up should be simple but still has some impact upon your eyes. So I only use 2 colours, teal and periwinkle. 

I chose those colours because : 
1. Teal resembles the colour of the ocean 
2. Periwinkle highlights your eyes and make the perfect final touch for the teal shadows. Plus, they blend really well together.

This look is really simple, fun, and easy to do. It's just the perfect look for summer :)

The eyeshadow combo makes your eyes pop and it only took 5~10 minutes to get this look :) From going to the beach to catching planes at the airport, this look would make your eyes absolutely stunning <3

Make a splash!

momiji ☀︎

Sunday, 13 July 2014

SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelight Pencil Evergreen Review

Hellooo!!! who loves green here? :D 
Green.. the colour that represents youth and health can make your eye make up looks fresher and natural! 
Below is a review of SILKYGIRL Ever Green Eyelight Pencil....Enjoy!!❤️😘

Photo of the product.. cool!! :p
Here on my hand...soo greeeneeyy... :D
On my eye.. :D 

Pros :
-Affordable, around idr 35k 
-Cute and simple packaging
-Just 1 stroke and the colour's already bold! 
-Comfortable to wear
-Glitterry!!! XD 

Cons :
-Easy to break
-It melts easily :( 
I only use it for 2-3 times and never ever drop it or put it on a place with direct sunlight (I always take a good care for all of my things!!!) but it already shapes like this :'( 

The colour turns blue when you remove it from your eye.. :D 

Overall, it's a good eyelight pencil though!! easy to apply and comfortable to use...


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Love and Let the World Know

"Love and let the world know, hate in silence."- Old Proverb

This isn't about making yourself look good in front of others or be a hypocrite about the feeling "hate".

It's about being a good example towards others. 
It's about spreading the love towards others.

A little hate is okay, a little hate is normal but control yourself to not make an act upon it for it'll destroy you, it'll carve pain in others, and you have to remember that people do forgive but rarely forget.

Make up close up

I love this look. It's romantic ♥︎ The purple and the lilac eyeshadow mix perfectly creating that romantic vibe around your eyes. 

♥︎ Outfit Details ♥︎
Long shirt | SLY
Leather Skirt | Forever21

♥︎ Make up Details ♥︎
Eyeshadow | REVLON CustomEyes™
Eyelashes | PLAYGIRL PlaySexy #1
Eyebrow Pencil | the BODYSHOP
Blush On | Maybelline Cheeky Glow
Lip Tint | TonyMolly 

Spread the love !



The World is Mine

Hello !

It's already 8 pm but I'd like to write a short article about my latest interest : nail art :)

My school has a strict policy about nails. Sadly nail art aren't allowed. If they see our nails painted, they'd use paper cutter to remove the colour. Scary right :( but I don't know if that actually happens. I hope it's just a threat.

Anyway, I did a little experiment on my nails using white nail polish and aqualip. 
And here's the final result! 

My sister's actually the one who came up with this idea. (If you're reading this, sister, I told you, I didn't steal any credits!)

The tricky part is when you have to draw those flags with your left hand (I'm right-handed). Greece is the hardest to make while the easiest would be Indonesia.

Anyway, should I post a tutorial about this one or shouldn't I? 



Monday, 7 July 2014

Atlantis Submarines Waikiki

Hello guys! I realize I haven't fulfill my promise to post my activities at Hawaii :(

So this post will be about the atlantis submarine in Waikiki :)

This activity is quite popular among tourists since it's suitable for all ages. First, you go to the Hilton Pier where a boat will escort you to the submarine. There's free shuttle for those who aren't staying in Hilton Hawaiian Village. Then the submarine will go until about 120 ft under the sea. 

During your journey under the sea, you're going to see many things like a plane wreck, shipwreck, objects. If you're lucky, you may see sea turtles, sharks, or even whale! (Whale is only available during dec-april)

They give us a boarding pass and a handbook (costs US$5.99 in stores, but we get them for free!) Inside the handbook, there's a checklist of fishes and also a brief explanation about Atlantis and the submarines. Apparently they have 2 tipes of submarines : standard (48 passengers) and premium (64 passengers)

They like to call the premium submarine "The Mercedes of Submarines" (⌒▽⌒)

There's also a map and a safety instructions written.

Here are some pictures I took 

Leaving Waikiki. We sat at the deck and it's so windy up there :D

The submarine emerged from the sea

The first display. I don't know what this is actually :/

The baby shark!!!

That's the deepest we'd gone that day


Last, a sea turtle aka honu !

I'm sorry if the pictures I took at the submarine aren't in HD :( the submarine's glass is so thick so it's sort of hard to get an HD picture using iPhone cam.



SILKYGIRL Eyeliner Pen Review

Hello're you? 
As promised, this time I'll make a review about SILKYGIRL eyeliner pen!! 
It's quite good actually, with a simple design and a precision sharp.. make it easy to use for a busy girl like me..ahaha.. >_<" 
For me, it's waterproof enough.. and the best thing is.. it's really reaaally smudge free!! unlike every pencil eyeliner or one of my cheap liquid eyeliner which're easy to be smudged and make my eyes dirty.. -_-"

Here's the result below!!!

>__<" It gives me a new impression on the eye, different accent actually.. ahaha

Yaa, I totally love this product!!