Monday, 16 June 2014

Sparkling Summer Eyes with Maybelline Hyper Diamond BR-1 Eyeshadow

Harro (^∇^)

I'm back with another tutorial post ♥︎ 

Time flies super fast and it's summer already (≧∇≦)well, for some of you summer may means parties, beaches, bikinis and maybe hot guys ☆〜(ゝ。∂)or maybe just chillaxing at home free from school tests or work (^○^)

The tutorial bellow is perfect for you who don't want to go overboard with your eye make up but still want to look sparkling in late night parties ★

Picture 7 : without lenses
Picture 8 : with lenses
{Always wear lenses BEFORE applying any make up}

1. Apply light brown <shimmery> eyeshadow on your lid.
2. Apply brown <shimmery> shadow on the middle of your lid, blend.
3. Apply dark brown <shimmery> shadow on outer corner of your lid, blend. The whole blending thing is supposed to make a gradation from light brown to dark brown on your upper lid.
4. Do the same under your eye but make it a thin line.
5. Curl your lashes.
6. Apply thin eye liner. Don't make it thick, this look is not about the eyeliner, it's about the eyeshadow.
7. Apply fake eyelashes or just use mascara.
8. Draw your eyebrows, apply mascara on your eyebrows to thicken it naturally.
*if you don't have the Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow or don't have any shimmery eyeshadows, use eye glitter after applying the eyeshadow. Don't use too much, just enough to make your eyes bling 

I wear this look to one of my lovelies' sweet 17th d(^_^o) and combine it with gradient lips #1



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