Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Natural Make up for Daytime Party

Confused about how to look when you got an invitation for a daytime party??! Well.. no more worries dear.. In this post, I'll show you some tips how to look cute and fresh in an oriental style!!
1.) Face
Apply BB cream/ foundation to cover imperfection on your face, before you apply it do not forget to put moisturizer cream..And last, apply compact powder using sponge or special brush. You have to use powder to avoid your face become glistening (especially for the one who has an oily skin type).
2.) Eye
I do a simple one for my eye makeup here..but it still gave me a bigger eye effect :) 
First, apply liquid/ pencil eyeliner on top of your eyelid then also apply silver glitter eyeshadow, blend the colour using the special brush for eyeshadow until it colours turn grayish and mixed perfectly..on the corner of your eye apply silver glitter gel eyeliner Last, put your falshies on your real eyelashes to make it looks real (you can also just use mascara, it's optional) 
Here..like this! :p
3.) Lips
Use lip tint or any lipstick with bright colour that match with your dress :D

See the difference..? :) 
I don't use any shading on my face >_< 
Last photo of my "naked" face ahaha... 

Nah... if you're inspired by this kind of style, feel free to comment below and you can also ask us for more details... :D

Thank you for reading!! :)

Michiru đź’„

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