Monday, 9 June 2014

Maybeline Baby Lips Review

This pink lolita colour lip gloss from Maybeline is one of my favourite lip gloss ever!!! it has several advantages on using this product!! :D 
Well, this lipgloss series have several colours and since I'm using this one... :) I'm gonna make a review about it..., my pinky little one ❤️
Soo, here it is below!!!

cute and simple packaging, super girly *__* 
great pinkish colour.. give my dry lips a natural look and also balmed them :*
It's so strong, not easy to broke!! 
See..?!! :) 

- Pretty cheap..around idr 18k per tube :D
- Cute + simple packaging
- Comfortable to wear, last longer
- Rich of vit E
Cons :
For me it has no cons!!! 

Comment below if u have any question... don't be shy, ok!!?? hehee 

Michiru x_x" 

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