Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Manuka Active Honey


This post wil be featuring this Manuka Active Honey//New Zealand.

Honey has been known to be able to cure scars and burns fast. So what's so special about this Manuka Honey?

This honey contains a unique antibacterial activity not found in other honey and has been used by the indigenous Maori people in New Zealand for centuries.

I'm not a believer in stuff like this. I think that every honey is the same. They have the same taste, textures and stuff. 

But this honey tastes different. It taste like anyother honey but it has this texture different from other honey. You know when you try this (^-^)/

This honey costs my mom 660k to buy it. I don't know where she bought this but I suppose the price says something about the quality and its benefits.

The higher the price, the better quality it has for health and beauty products I think. 

A little advice from me when buying products like this : 

If you're not sure what are the product's benefits, and you don't know what to expect from this product, well, expect this one thing for sure ; they help maintain your health.

Well, the choice is yours (^-^)/

Only to remind you, the honey's reallllly tasty (^人^)



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