Friday, 20 June 2014

Kracie Happy Kitchen ~Decoration Cake~

Who don't know Kracie...a Japanese sweets product with a really unique concept of "how to make it before you eat them" :D
Aaaand... I'm actually inspired by Venus Angelic to bought this cute unique product!! 

***You MUST NEED A MICROWAVE on attemp to make this cute decoration cake!! and water and scissors :) 
Okk.. after you've got all things you need, here we go!! 可愛いデコレーションケーキ作ろう!!
cute and beautyful packaging!!! 
Let's open the package!! ドキドキ(≧∇≦)
Tadaaahhh... (^ν^) look the pic above? you can see scissors mark, right? Nah, you may cut them to place your cake later!!
All of the contents..ニャア〜(・Д・)ノ
At first, you must cut this special plastic tray..
Then.. add the orange contents (大きケーキのもと) into the largest circle, as you can see from the pic above, add water 2 times using the plastic thing (above, in the right pic), stir!! 
Do the same with the other circle using the yellow contents (小さいケーキのもと) this time just add water 1 times!! Get them in your microwave, 500W : 60s or 600W : 50 s as simple as that.. :) 
when done you can place your sponge cake in a cute plate or in a cut plastic 

Now!!! all that left is to make the decoration!! vanilla cream, strawberry cream and strawberry jelly.. 
Strawberry jelly : in a small cirlcle add pink contents (イチゴゼリーのもと), add water 1 times, stir Place it in a 
this.., wait for 10 minutes to cool.. 

Vanilla cream & Strawberry cream : Just the same.. Vanilla(バニラクリームのもと) in a large circle (add water 2 times) and strawberry(イチゴクリームのもと) in a small cirlcle (add water 1 times) STIR!! 
***place strawberry cream inside the special provided plastic!! 
This plastic!! 
Times to decorate your cake!!! >_< smear vanilla cream on your sponge cake, decorate it with strawberry cream ( do it like piping)

You may add this to make it cuter >_<  I don't really like the taste though..well, it all depends on you 

and.. happy eating 

Michiru ψ(`∇´)ψ

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