Tuesday, 24 June 2014

☆Double Trouble☆

Hello !!

I'm back with another brand new post ♡ this time featuring my one and only sister ♥︎ 

We're still in Jakarta and we're just out and about testing our brand new "tongsis"

We took lots of pictures together using the infamous "Tongsis" still I'm not quite comfortable in using it (・_・; 

Lol my face ( ;´Д`) I posted it anyway since my sis looks pretty hahahaha

We both use the same eyelashes. <The first time I put lashes on others.> far easier than glueing those lashes onto my own eye lids. We also use the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner (^○^)

Many people mistook us as twins. Honestly, either one of us thinks we look alike. But in the last two pic, I have to admit that we look a like a little bit.

:: Outfit Details ::

On me
Dress | DKNY
Cardigan | Uniqlo
Bag | Nine West
Sandals | Sketchers
earings | d'Paris

On my little sister
Dress | DKNY
Kebaya | Vintage
Sandals | Sketchers


momiji ♥︎

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