Friday, 6 June 2014

Dolly Wink upper lashes no. 4

Hello :)

Dolly Wink lashes are the comfiest lashes I've worn so far :D Many of my friends asked me questions like "What (eyelashes) brand do you usually wear?" or "Hey, I'm thinking of buying myself a pair of fake lashes, any recommendation on what brand should I buy?" 

Well, if you want pricey and high quality ones, these lashes are your perfect choice (^_^)

Dolly Wink is a Japanese brand produced by the popular gyaru model Tsubasa Masukawa. It has various style, the one that I have is the feminine style number 4It blends naturally with your real eyelashes. 

-Price : 269k for 2 pairs
-Bigger Eyes : Yes
-Weight : Super Light
-Flexibility : Good
-Reusable : Yes
-Elongate Eyes : Yes

P.S.: eyelashes glue included!



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