Friday, 6 June 2014

Delicious Body Lotion :D

This cute body lotion is a gift from Momiji several month ago :D At that time, she was just came back from a trip to America and got me this lovely thing.. 

And.. here's the review below :)
Pros ❤️ : 
- like its name.. this body lotion is sooo strawberry cheesecake and it's a MUST for sweet fragrance lovers :* 
- make your skin moist
- the fragrance last in a long time 
- cute design and easy packaging!!! 
- suitable for travelling.. super handy :D 
Cons 😵
- Not suitable for someone who has a skin and respiratory alergic!!!!
- For someone who doesn't like the fragrance, sweet fragrance, sweet smells, etc... it smells perhaps will be an offensive one.. :( 
- Only sold in America..??! I guess... :p

Michiru ✨

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