Thursday, 5 June 2014

Biore Scented Pore Pack

丨Hello :)

Getting kind of boring isn't it, with all of those lashes reviews (⌒-⌒; ) 

So here I present to you another review featuring *drumrolls* the infamous and magical : Biore Scented Pore Pack!!!

Black heads and clogged pores are the worst (beside having a breakout), right? Sure there are many ways to get rid of them (♯`∧´) and pore packs are one of those ways :)

I tried different brands of pore packs before but my favourite are Biore's :D

Here's why :
1. It fits my nose
2. It has a cute motives

3. It has a nice scent (matcha/sakura) which is sort of relaxing I must say.

4. Cheap
5. Easy to get
6. 89% works

It does take out the bad stuff that clogs our pores. I believe they're called the whiteheads (e_e)

(The picture up there might gross some of you readers but that's not the point, just trying to prove something here (^_^)v)
The part inside the red circle shows our nemesis : the whiteheads being taken by the mighty pore pack (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

The only cons is sometimes it doesn't work. But here's the thing : it normally doesn't work because our nose isn't wet enough or our skin is already free from those black/whiteheads or we strip the pore packs off of our skin before it even 'grabs' those heads.

My nose is really big and most packs cannot cover it entirely but this one's able to cover almost 90% of my nose. 

So for smaller pores and healthier skin . . Go to the nearest supermarket, straight to the beauty section and grab these packs <3 

P.S.: the black pore packs work just as fine as these scented ones. I just prefer the scented ones because of the smell (^ω^)

momiji (^L^)

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