Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Week Ago's Haul + Holiday Photoshoot :p

Hello everyone!! how's your holiday?? :D

Apparently, I don't go anywhere.. I just stay at home, going mall to mall with my mom, shopping, eating, reading novels , doing a make-up experiment aaand having a set of photoshoot!! :p

I got a new eyeliner pen, evergreen eyelights pencil and a palette of 4 colour bright eyeshadow!! All of them are from SILKYGIRL :)  I'm gonna make the review soon, so always stay tuned!!!

I got this lovely top from Export :D Bangkok's made..
and also this comfortable shoes.. >_< aaaa

Below are the result of my photoshoot, all the photos were taken by mom at home.. ehehe
I tried my cute top directly.. ahaha so cool and perfect with a blue jeans/ light blue coloured pants.. 

Last photo... >___<"

I forgot to ask my mom to take a photo of my fullbody!! aaah silly me.. and so this's all about half body photoshoot :') 

Enjoy your holiday..

Michiru (´・_・`)

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