Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hilton Waikoloa Village


This post will contains mostly photos around the resort and its facility. The resort is really big and it's really beautiful too. I don't regret staying there :)

The resort has 3 towers for the guests to stay : Lagoon Tower, Palace Tower, and Ocean Tower. I was staying at the Lagoon Tower, near Kamehameha Court, where they held the Legend of Hawai'i Lu'au.

Lagoon Tower : 6 floors in total, located near the Kona Pool, KPC restaurant, Kamehameha Court, and The Dolphin Pool.

REAL Flamingos on display (^-^)/ located near the tower.

Palace Tower : has a beautiful garden inside (fountain + statues in the center of it), located near the  ballroom where they held breakfast, located near the Imari Japanese Restaurant, Dona&Toni Pizza, Kirin Chinese Restaurant, Chapel and wedding Gazebo.

Ocean Tower : The place where all the boats land, the Boat Landing Cantina Restaurant is located here.

Anyway, since the resort is big, they have two trams and two boats available to carry you around the resort and they're free to use. The boat and the tram stop at every tower, the lobby and the Grand Promenade.

The Kona Pool : It's a big pool located near the Lagoon Tower. It has a water slide, a canyon, and a keiki pool (a shallow pool that's made to look like a shore. The kids play here). Kona Pool is decorated with bridges too and there are 3 hot tubs available. There are some gazebos used for massages near the pool.

The Dolphin Pool : Located in the middle of the resort, near the kona pool. It has about 8 dolphins and a souvenir shop located there. You can interact and take pictures with the dolphin but you have to spend certain amount of money. And the amount is quite big. There's also a shark pond beside the Dolphin Pool. I don't really know how many sharks they have but I only saw like 2 baby sharks swimming around. The Lagoon Grill is located right beside the Dolphin Pool.

The baby shark ↓↓↓

The Lagoon The water is undoubtedly salty and you can see sea turtles or fishes swimming right beside you at the lagoon. There's a waterfall included and you can do some kayaking, snorkeling, and other stuff like that. The lagoon is pretty big so it will never get too crowded in here.

Inside the waterfal ↓↓↓



Kamehameha Court is a place used for the Lu'au performance. 

The beach here has black sand from the volcano and the one in this resort is not sandy at all. Instead of sand, there are some big big rocks so people have to be careful when walking in this beach because some of the rocks are sharp.


The beautiful beach in Waikoloa (^o^)

My sister. Look at her happy face! Hahaha (^.^)

The water is crystal clear (・ω・)/



Boat Landing Cantina

Hello!!! Today I'll post a review featuring one of the restaurant located at the resort  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The restaurant's name is "Boat Landing Cantina" and their famous catchphrase : "When Hola Meets Aloha" 

The restaurant is named the boat landing cantina because there are boats landing there getting passengers a ride around the resort.

For the drink I ordered the pineapple juice. It was very delicious and the fruit's fresh.

And as for the food, me and my sister ordered Burito 

The black stuff is actually a sauce made from beans and they're tasty. I also love the fried rice inside and outside the wrapping.

And my mom and my grandparents ordered:

Tacos (didn't get the chance to try them)

Aaand Nachos (very delicious esp. The cheese)

The food portions are really big like any other restaurants in America but they're delicious.

But they are very pricey indeed :( most of them costs more than US$10 each.

Well anyway, the restaurant opens for lunch and dinner and is located in the Ocean Tower, Hilton, Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii. You can reach it easilly by tram or by boat if you happen to be at the resort.



Friday, 27 June 2014

Aloha ♪

Hello there!!

<Soekarno Hatta Int. Airport>

<Soekarno Hatta Int. Airport>

It's Summer now and I'm enjoying my holiday here!! So I went to Hawaii with my family and man.. the journey is really tiring σ(^_^;) --> just arrived today aka June 25, 2014 noon, local time\(^o^)/

The second flight, from Tokyo to Honolulu got delayed for about 1 hour due to the bad weather :( so we're sort of late for the third flight but luckily, the Hawaiian airline flies every hour so it's not really a problem for us. In the end, we arrived at Kona Airport, the Big Island safely ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

We wait for the shuttle to our hotel to come. We'd missed the shuttle so we took the next shuttle {(-_-)} we checked in our hotel and took a little tour around.

The hotel got Dolphins and lots of pools. There are so many water activities like kayaking, snorkeling available. There's also this boatway going all around the area. It really is a paradise here ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

<near the Dolphin Pool>

 Look super chubby in this pic ↑↑↑ !!!

I think I've gained some weight (/ _ ; ) orr maybe it's just the angle. Right, bad angle <blame it on the angle>

Anyway, have to sleep now, it's already past 1 am and I have to wake up early.

Tomorrow we're planning to swim and take pictures♥︎ 



Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Crazy for Prints

Hello!! I'm back with another outfit post (^ω^)

So this picture is taken during my free time in Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan. 

Since I'll be spending 14 hours++ sitting inside the plane, I suppose the outfit should be comfy.

I also put my hair in braids ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

::outfit details::
On me
Trousers | Moomin x Uniqlo Relacco
Cardigan | Odiva
Tank top | forever21
Bag | Mango
Sling bag | Nine West
Sandals | Sketchers

On sis
Trousers | Moomin x Uniqlo Relacco
Cardigan | kebaya top
Tank top | B-Jewel USA
Sling bag | PARISI
Sandals | Sketchers



Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner


If you're finding a comfortable eyeliner that costs less than 100k, the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner is the answer ♥︎♥︎♥︎

This eyeliner is very handy when it comes to making thin lines and is very comfortable to use too. 

See, it even capable of writing a perfect "hello" LOL. 

The brush is really soft too. It doesn't hurt when it glides on your eyelids and when you're lining the waterline, normally it kinda feels like the liner is poking your eyes but using this, it doesn't feel like that at all.

I totally recommend this eyeliner for you *\(^o^)/*