Monday, 5 May 2014

Tree house

Tree House is a cafe in Bandung located on Jalan Hasanudin. It opens daily from 8 am until 11 pm. 
The menu contains mostly western food such as sausages and fries, pastas and soups. 
For those who prefer traditional food, worry not, because this home-y cafe has several in their menu like fried rice for example.
The cafe also offers you free wifi. The wifi is pretty strong I must say. The prices are ok too. Not expensive. The food are okay too. Not so good not so bad. Except for the sausages (tastes really good). The food portion is quite small, perfect for dieting LOL.

The drink that I ordered was oreo banana shake. I love it for it has some oreo pieces inside.

Tree House Cafe opens for breakfast.
 (It took quite a long time for the food to come out, but maybe that's because I was there for breakfast)



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