Saturday, 31 May 2014

Tomo : sushi and more

Is a Japanese restaurant located in the Under Ground Level near Haagendaz, Pvj 

I went here with my father, sister and cousin.

My father ordered the chicken katsu don, he said "the rice is not as good as the Koreans and the food looks different from the picture in the menu"

My cousin ordered the Tempura udon : it looks exactly as the picture in the menu. She wouldn't recommended this since the carrots are a bit hard but the soup is tasty and the tempuras are great. The Tempura Udon is certainly better than the Chicken Katsu Don

My sister and I ordered the Salmon Cheese Rice it's my favourite menu and I really like it. It's cheesy and creamy, not a good menu to consume when dieting but it tastes so delicious <3

For my drink, I ordered Banana Tea. The drink is really cute and there're those banana bubbles that will burst some sour liquid. When I asked the waitress what that liquid is, she said it's the banana (´・_・`) 

The Banana Tea is really sweet so I recommend you to pop all of the bubbles first and mix the tea with the banana liquids. 

The food prices range from around 20k ~ 60k Rupiah(s).


momiji <3

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