Sunday, 18 May 2014

Spring 2014

There are many things I've learned for the past 3 months. I won't post the whole details and will only share the morals of the story plus some explanation and I hope you're okay with that (u_u)

1. Dont't look where you fell, but where you slipped. (African Proverb)

Everyone makes mistakes. The fools and the geniuses all make mistakes. The only thing that differentiate them is geniuses know why they make that mistakes and keep that reason in mind so in the future, such mistake won't be repeated and fools just let it be.

I admit that I have been a fool for the past 17 years. I rarely listened to advices and everytime I get into trouble, I only look at the trouble and do nothing about it and for the result, I keep being dragged into similar dramas for 4 years.

This spring, I got caught in a drama again. This spring I actually heeded any advices given to me. This spring I managed to end what I started rather peacefully. Although there are some relationships that got wretched and I feel sorry for that but all in all everything's okay. 

2. Things are not always what they seem

Everyone has their own stories that no one knows but themselves. Therefore, it's not our place to judge someone. 

So let's just say I was faced with this situation where people who see it will think that I'm such a bad person for doing this (´・_・`)  I won't share the problem with you because the topic is sort of sensitive for some people.

I dare say no one is completely innocent. One is too blind to read the situation and the other is too preoccupied with the present and doesn't think about the possible consequences that may happen in the future.

Being put in this kind of situation, where others don't know exactly how I feel and they keep judging me really sucks. To make it worse, some people who're close to me also let out some judgments on me based on what they know.

I can't really tell the whole story to my closest friends either, afraid that they may think of me badly. Even up until this point, there are still some details kept as a secret.

Well actually there are still many other things that I've learned but I won't post them since this post is already so long and full of texts.

Learn from my mistakes, don't make the same stupid mistake as I did!

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