Monday, 19 May 2014


Conflicts are created from problems...and most of problems we're all always facing as a human being is self-control, unable to control ourself from things we desire or things we hate or things we choose or even things we primarily need. Even no ones perfect, but still I really despise people who always "tend" to lose their self-control under any circumstances..especially when it comes to lust... I usually do not speak this kind of thing to other people but since this has always been a really tough thought in my, here's my argument.. I never get it why do people have to do things that from the very begining was a form of sin..why don't do something else..something more valuable with positive effects for everyone..I know I don't have any right to talk about sin...but, don't you think that human lust itself is a form of sin too? since we're all have a different parameters about lust itself.. I just wanna assert that there're always a kind of marks that human left.. and sometimes the marks human left are so often scars..  


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