Wednesday, 28 May 2014

One day trip to Jakarta

On exactly 27th May 2014 I went to Jakarta with mom and friends :) I was having such a quality time with them, eating, chatting and met lot of people. 
I was actually on a pretty "bad condition" when I went on this trip, mentally I was so tired, stress and desperate because so many things I've dreamed about for this whole year was ruined in a blink of an eye because as I tried to achieve them as I got the chance to, I failed it completely :( I was so sad and thought that I was such a miserable person...thought that perhaps things were meant to be this way from the start..I couldn't even think clearly.. But, people who care about me..they cheered me up, they made me felt spirited again, they did things with sincere hearts and at best..they made me laugh again :) 
And so in order to made myself happy again.. I went on a one day trip to clear and refreshed my mind..
dark circles under my eyes -_-"...'cause by lack of sleep and bad sleeping pattern 
on my way to Jakarta :) 
selfie on the car, tried out my new camera filter..ahaha 

The first thing we did when we arrived was to stopped at Henis and had our lunch.. we bough a lot packs of Henis bread :D 
Henis is famous for their soto and chicken bread 

After that we went to GI (Grand Indonesia) and had a lot of shopping there..
I got myself Pull & Bear motif legging, XXI short pants and a bandana with similiar motif with the legging.. 
In a black colour mood.. :p hhaha

Tired after shopping, we finally stopped at my favourite cafe ever.. Churreria 
with my friends :D ci Debby and ci Crissy 
Uhhh..look at this mouth watering chocolate sundae XD so yummy and perfect..It made my mood a bit better 
Red velvet cake and nachos..the cake was so memorable...and if you go to Churreria this nachos is a MUST you must at least try this out if you love salty and spicy foods.. the sauce is soo hot spicy delicious with chili topping and the nachos itself are topped with cheese and beef :* Yumm!! 
Their signature dishes.. Churros!!!! yumyumyumyummmm!!! haha

om nom nom... 
After we gained some fat.. we shopped again <3 

When we finally decided to went back to our lovely city and home, Bandung.. we went upstairs to get an ice cream from a unique theme cafe!! Ron's Laboratory.. they have their employee to wear a lab coat and processed the ice cream like a chemical scientist!!! haha it's such a fun and an interesting experience though.. 
There're several ice cream that's served with a topping and the topping is placed inside a syringe :D but, unfortunately when it came to us to ordered.. they ran out of syringe so instead they replaced it with somekind of tube.. I love ice cream on the right the most!! red velvet.. it made from "rose chocolate" as I could remember.. 

with that our trip was over.. we went back to our home sweet home :) 

Have a nice day, 
Michiru ❤️

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