Sunday, 4 May 2014

Michiru-chan no Otanjoubi

Our beloved Micchan is turning 17 yesterday \(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/

She treated us to Shin Men's salmon yakimeshi and tamago maki :9

Then we went to the newly opened Victoria Secret Accessory and buy ourself some hand and body lotions : Midnight Exotics, Pure Seduction, and Midnight Dare (^ν^)

And then we went to Korean Skin Care and Make Up shop, Etude House and Momiji got herself 2 packs of eyemask.

We visited the Stocking House and again Momiji bought herself Totoro leggings before trying out the new Tea Room, KIRBS, opened just above the French Macarons.

Strawberry Bomb their trade mark dessert is only 30k and very very delicious. Not to sweet and there's a little surprise waiting for you once you get into the middle. You must at least try this cute macaron-like dessert!!

More pics of this mouthwatering dessert..ohoho~ >_< 

Right: TeaCotton Candy it looks really cute with all the cotton candy on top of the glass and it taste good as well but the sad thing is the cotton candy is really hard even Micchan's teeth cannot rip them apart ( ;´Д`) 
Left: Premium Choco Drink this tasty chocolat-y drink is actually an iced hot chocolate. You can also add extra marshmallow. It taste really good since the amount of sweetness is just right.

Saturday, May 3 2014's Haul 

We'll post the reviews about the products  we bought later!

Ruixiang is wearing: Converse sneakers, Ninewest Sling bag, Vintage Midi skirt (used as a dress), Forever21 Shirt, Uniqlo cardi, handmade necklace, handmade black tie, MANGO black belt


momiji & Michiru

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