Thursday, 15 May 2014

Kawaii Gradient Lips #1 Cherry Kiss Tutorial

This sweet lips make up will make your lips look tempting and cute at the same time <3 Perfect for dates with boyfriend or  hanging out with friends(^ν^)

You'll need :
1. A dark pink lip-tint
2. Tissue (optional)
3. Lipgloss 

1. Clean your lips with wet facial tissue.
2. Apply lip-tint only on the inner part of your lips.
3. Rub both lips together to spread the tint colour all over your lips (the tint colour will be darker on the inner part of your lips and lighter on the outer part of your lips).
4If the tint colour seems too dark for you, just kiss a tissue. Your lips should be at the right colour after kissin the tissue once.
5. Finnish it off with a lipgloss.
6. Voilà your gradient lips are ready!
Now smile and let the magic work ;)

Hope this help!


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