Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Jing Paradise

Jing Paradise is a Chinese restaurant located on Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi no 296-275

It opens for breakfast at 8.

I went there for breakfast with my mother and my sister and it was great. The food was delicious, the service is excellent as well. But we didn't order the recommended menu :>

1. hipiaw (fish maw) wrapped with lettuce 

The sauce inside the lettuce taste really good and since I'm a big fan of hipiaw, I love this dish so much :)

2. shrimp inside tofu skin (fried)

Soft shrimp wrapped inside crunchy tofu skin served with mayo. I love this one as well!

3. Chinese shumay

Tastes like regular Chinese shumay

4. Pan fried chicken dumpling

I like this dish, the dumplings were crunchy. Definitely my favourite ;)

5. Shrimp meatballs covered with almond

The garnish is really cute 

This is sort of a new dish and it has unique combination since I rarely see Chinese restaurant serving this dish. It is served with mayo as well and it taste surprisingly good :9 <3 I accidentally make one of the almond jumped into my tea while eating this dish (・_・; and had the waiter changed my cup (._.)

6. Xiaolongbao

Tastes like the usual Xiaolongbao 

7. Mango pudding

My favorite dessert! There are some mango pieces inside the pudding and it tastes so mango-ey like you can definitely feel the mango is real, not artificial :D

8. Chinese Jasmine Tea

For the drinks we ordered Jasmine tea and it can be refilled. 

I definitely want to hold my next birthday in this place ^_−☆



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