Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Important things ❤️

I've been so happy lately.. I turned 17 this month and I feel so grand about it, every year on my birthday I always feel grateful for what I have.. it's not about the presents..really, it's the birthday greetings that I recieved from everyone, the blessings they gave me.. I can't ask for anything else, it all feels so sincere.. The most important thing is that I was given yet..another year to live my life to the fullest and fight for all my dreams to come true :)

Birthday greetings from friends :D 

Birthday card from Momiji.. <3

From my friend too :D 

Thank you is all I can say.. I'm so thankful for this life, thankful for all blessings, thankful for all the years I had spent together with the people I love :) and thankful for the memories I had created with them..


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