Friday, 9 May 2014

Faux Bun Doughnut DIY

As promised, Faux Bun Kit DIY post!!

Many of the hair kit essential for your daily look may come a bit pricey at stores but worry not!! Because in this very post there'll be a cheaper way for you to get it (well only the doughnut though) 

You'll need : 
- a pair of cleaned socks
- scissors 
- thread and needle (optional)

1. Prepare all the materials.
2. Cut the part that's supposed to cover your fingers to make a hole. Do this to the other sock.
3. Roll up your sock to make a doughnut.
*step 4-6 are optional. If you don't want to sew, you can just roll both socks up together.
**the number of socks needed depends on your sock's length. If your sock is about 25 cm long, you need a pair but of you're using a knee-high sock, then you only need one sock.
4. Uh oh the doughnut is too thin :( grab the other sock and start sewing both socks together, make the sock longer. The longer the sock, the thicker the doughnut will be. 
5. Make sure you don't sew both sides of the sock together then roll them up again.
6. To make sure that the doughnut stay in place, secure the last roll to the doughnut.

Hope this helps! 


P.S.: If you're too lazy to make it just contact me and I'll make it for you :) but of course, it won't be free lol ^_−☆

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