Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tiring days

Disasters happen when your mood is ruin in the morning or when you don't have any spirit to start a day and it will be such a  burden.. Sometimes I have this kind of feeling too, the feeling of saturated for no reason, the feeling that somehow my head's gonna explode because of the crazy routines.. But, in the end I just do it all, I cannot just avoid a part of my responbilities. There were days when I thought my life was complete shit. It gave me A LOT of tasks and lists of meaningless things to do, I even feel like I don't belong to this kind of lifestyle..and I always want something different, I want changes. But, then as I keep just doesn't give me any change or does me any better..and then I realize that this is not going to change unless I live my everyday life differently and to think positively even at the worst, darkest day.. because life is about to reach the brightest light and sometimes it takes to rain first before the rainbow comes up. Until now, I always look up at the bright sky to comfort myself when I feel this kind of terrible feeling.. 

Blue skies that always comfort me..

I want to reach my brightest light in life :) 

This was a photo of me taken when I had my worst days..several nights with less sleeps and you can see dark circles under my my eyes are pretty swolen in was terrible!! haha

Be happy and enjoy every seconds of your time.. it won't ever be the same.. trust me!! :)

Mei みちる

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