Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Michiru's trip to Japan みちるちゃんの日本の旅行

So today I'm gonna post my trip to Japan, it was a year ago and full of fun. I always feel that times fly so fast when we're doing something we really enjoy :) There are some of my photos, description and recommendation below. Hope you'll enjoy this!!❤
Beautiful view from Tokyo Tower..I love it up here, so beautiful and extremely crowded on summer holiday XD 
Here's the photo of me and my dad..ahaha 
The famous tokyo banana snack.. the taste isn't too sweet and I love it, altough it makes me sick after I eat it more than 3/4 
Japanese authentic street.. Surprisingly, it's so deserted..
Me and my family in Shinkansen on the way to Osaka..say peacee!!!! >v<v  I ate a cake my mom bought for me on the supermarket and then I fell asleep on the rest of the journey..
Asakusa temple.. it's soo freaking hot here on summer day and the sun shines so brightly..on the right top of the photo there is my name..Pretty glad I took this beautiful view.. 
A view from the hotel I stayed..Hilton, such a lovely garden they have here..
Fuji mountain is pretty cool even on summer...they sell a box of delicious milky peanut here..and the mochi..actually it tastes good but I don't really like it, it's to chewy for me..haha I still prefer Sukabumi tastes just right on my tounge :p 
Last, but hopefully not least :) here's the photo of me wearing Yukata, provided by the hotel at Kyoto :D haha my pose's super awkward in here...

Aaaaa I'm sorry if this post don't satisfy you with enough is my "first" post and I'm struggling to write it, because of my stupidity on technology..LOL 
Aanndd...,,thank you so much for reading ❤❤❤

one of your sweet blogger co-operator..XD


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