Thursday, 17 April 2014

Michiru Simple Smokey Eyes Style

Nah!! today I'm gonna show you some photos of myself wearing simple smokey eyes style.. I actually am never been a fan of smokey eyes but.. this one is a really..really..simple one and.. 
not too here's the result.. I'll give you some of my tips and recommendation <3 have fun!!!
Me without any make up..

1. Suppose you can use this style in daily life.. as it's not too bold also I don't use any eye shadow 
2. To make a sharp edge in the corner of the eye you need a pencil liner with a not too sharp nor too dull tip, so make sure your pencil liner is in the right shape :)
3. Make it bold with liquid eyeliner.. If you're an amateur or a beginner at this liquid eyeliner stuffs,  I strongly recommend you to be extra careful when you apply it on your eyes.. Be patient to wait for the liner to dry..Unless, you'll get your liner run over, at worst it can run into your eyes and make your sight go black and perhaps it can get you irritation..
***first aid if those terrible shits happen : don't be panic..get your cleansing  eye drops, use it several times until the black liquids all gone and the inside of your eyeball cleans..get cleaning water into cotton, clean the remaining "run over" dirt.. Last, get your eye mask on :) 
4. It's done.. you're welcome to try this style in any occasion... :D



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