Saturday, 26 April 2014

Make Over -Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation-no.2 Review

Tadaa!!! here's the pending review about make over foundation...sorry if I make you waiting and wondering... :( been super busy lately..
Left : In a bright lightning, Right : in a dark lightning
Surprisingly, this foundation turns out to be good on my skinface.. it's so comfortable on my dry skin, 'cause the texture is so oily and I strongly not recommend it for someone who has an oily skin. 
This foundation blends perfectly on my skin.. It gives me a natural look and covers dark circles below my eyes..although not completely. 

Pros :
-Perfect on dry skinface
-Not too pricey :) 
-Can be use won't clog your pores, unless you clean it perfunctory
-Elegant and simple packaging, at first I thought that this is an international brand but surprisingly it's's a LOCAL one :D
Cons :
- Not suitable for oily skin and even normal skin, it can makes your face covered with oil after several hours usage!!!
-Medium coverage 
-Not too waterproof :( 
-No SPF!!! 

Tell me if you've ever try this foundation before, comment below!!! 


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