Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Gyaru Make Up #1 tutorial

Hi ! !

This post will be about gyaru make up tutorial. I use :
1. Maybelline clear smooth bb cream SPF2A6 01. FRESH
2. Maybelline clear smooth shine free face powder SPF 18 HONEY
3. MAC eyeshadow palette 
4. Etude House drawing show eyeliner
5. Dollywink upper-lashes No.4
6. Dollywink under-eyelashes No.8
7. Dollywink eyelash glue
8. TonyMoly cherry liptint 
9. MajolicaMajorca lipgloss
10. Bodyshop BLACK eyebrow pencil

1. Use white eyeshadow on the inner-corner of the eye , apply on upper lid and under eye.
2. Use dark brown eyeshadow and make a wing 
3. Apply brown eyeshadow and blend with the dark brown eyeshadow using clean brush
4. Apply light brown eyeshadow and blend again 
5. Apply eyeliner
6. Apply false eyelashes, using eyeliner as the guidelines. Don't stick the lashes onto your real eyelashes for it will pull your own lashes when you remove it and that hurts (*_*)
7. Apply lower lashes, give a little space between your real lashes and the fake ones to make a big-eyes effect 
8. Draw your eyebrows, use mascara if nescesary 
9. Apply lip tint on the inner lips and use gloss and voila! 

*for better result in sticking the fake lashes, keep practising o(`ω´ )o practice makes perfect !!
**use mascara to make your lashes blend into your fake lashes

Well that's the end of the tutorial . .
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ hope it helps !!!

Well . . Sorry for the selca spam (´・_・`)
Hope you enjoy the tutorial (^◇^)



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