Monday, 14 April 2014

PORTO/Foresta : Food Glorious Food

Well, yeah.. we love eating so much.. especially when it comes to delicacies that contain a lot of sweets.. :) so today we're gonna share about a cafe-resto called Porto/ Foresta ( Porto is for the main courses and Foresta is for the sweets,pastry and drinks). It is located at Setiabudhi, Bandung and basically Porto and Foresta are the same, they're both in the same management..
Combination of comfortable environment and beautiful can also eat inside, there're sofas and AC..but, it's not too hot outside as there're so many trees there :) 
Delicious soup inside the potato, I forgot the name of this menu..It tasted supeerr taasty and it contains mozzarella cheese inside :D and it smells so freaking yummiehh!!! 
Tea lemon cake and Nougat cake... what I like about all of Foresta cake is that..they use the best, ingredient on their cake and the colour of their cakes are not too bright/ colourful..But, the best part is that it's all not too sweet.. for a cake 
Above : Medovnik & Banana berry surprise
Below  : Cupcakes & Tea lemon cake
Portrait of Momiji happy face!! ahaha 
Salmon fried rice + green tea = perfect combination.. and a great starter for a day :) But, I think this Salmon fried rice will be better without grapes and pineapple.. as I don't really like it.. but, overall you can always put them aside, right!!? :D
Above : Herb Calamari :* so delicious and no fishy smells.. 
Below : Honolulu (it's a kind of mix juice) so..fresh & Chicken parmigiana..chicken breast with beef and bolognaise sauce and mozzarella cheese on the top..yummy!! the potatoes are also "real" potatoes not a frozen one!! :)
Omelette cheese with garden salad, mushroom soup, and hangover booster :) All of them are just a perfect combination!!! and I think the salad needs more dressing, tastes just nice, the omelette is soo yummy with melted cheese inside...perfect food to start a day.. Hangover booster is a mixfruit juice, it contains oranges, strawberry, and honey as I can remember... so juicy and fresh!!

Such a total indulgence of the day.. we just finished our exam back then.. when we ate together at this soo not friendly with pocket cafe :D the price range starts from idr 100.000,- to idr 200.000,- 
yeahh.. my pocket money was broke down after that... ahahaha

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