Saturday, 27 December 2014



Sorry I haven't updated any articles for these past 7 or 9 days f^_^;) 

I'm currently in the USA so I can't really update much because I need to find wifi connection and the time difference is quite big so heheh but anyways, I'll manage to write something to keep you guys updated ε-(´∀`; )

On December 22-23, I went to the giant forest of sequoia. The trees over there are so gigantic and it was freezing ヽ(´o`;even though I wear like 4 layers of clothes, still can feel the cold.

The gigantic sequoia tree ↓

That day I actually played snowball fight with my little sister and believe it or not the snow balls doesn't hurt that much (・Д・)ノ

Inside the small museum ↓

My boots sank into the snow (b_d)

The road is slippery so you need to be very careful.

The black stuff between the trees is actually a bear ↓

The trees from bellow ↓

I made a small snowman yay

Last but not least, selfie with my meimei 

So that's it for now, need to sleep because tomorrow I need to go on a long trip back to LA and I've got eyebags  (p_-) 

Auf wiedersehen!


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Oriflame veryme :: Spring Tenderness /Eternal Pink/

Hello readers!

I've got myself some nail polishes from Oriflame and the colours are so soft, cute and girly. 

Well, it's the Spring Tenderness collection from veryme, Oriflame (⌒▽⌒)

Beautiful flower designs on the bottle ↓

Anyway, even though these shades are made to be used in spring, I'm going to use one of them this winter and that's the eternal pink shade :)

I use this shade to add some colours to my monotonic winter outfit which are mainly in black, dark grey and white.

I apply like average three layers of the polish to get the colour I desire.

First layer

It's a bit transparent so it's obvious I need to apply more.

Second layer

It's better but still uneven. Here's the thing with oriflame's nail polishes, they dry fast and while it's a good thing, it's also a bad thing because then you need to apply it fast and if you apply it a bit slower, you'll get uneven/ bumpy nails as a result and that's not cool. 

Third layer

It's fine I suppose for an amateur like me. The third layer are mainly for filling transparent spaces or blotches.

Here are the pros and cons so far

1. Affordable, around 40k (rupiah) or about 4US$ 
2. Very girly colour, perfect for someone who wants to look like a princess lol
3. Dry fast, you don't have to wait so long for the polish to dry.
4. Cute packaging

1. Dry fast, as I mentioned before it can also be a bad thing because then you'll get uneven surface on your nails as a result because the polish already half  dried up and you try to fix them, boom, bumpy surfaces!
2. No other cons beside that ↑

So thanks for reading, I hope everyone will have a pleasant holiday, here are the other shades (orange and tender green) and the other haul from oriflame, nail art dotting tool :) 


♥︎ momiji

Monday, 15 December 2014

Horrible Disaster

Hello! So bad news I've got zits on my cheecks and that's not cool!

So it all started when I wanted to get this blackhead like spot on my cheecks so it started picking it out with my fingers and I hadn't cut my nails or washed my hands back then (gosh what were I thinking) and I accidentally ripped some spot badly

That's super ugly and I hate it orz then I use propolis to speed up the healing process and it actually stings like hell :(

Note to self and to all of you, never pick on your skin with long nails and dirty hands EVER.

I miss this skin ↓↓↓ so much

Wish me luck on clearing the stupid red marks! I want to get them cleaned out before 19!


Perfect Skin in 9 Simple Steps


No one wants acnes on their faces and no one wants bumpy cheecks either so there are some tips bellow that will actually help you to get a beautiful, soft and smooth and flawless skin (・ω・)ノ

My first beauty tip for all of you that is actually super common but is super helpful and sadly they're often forgotten (´・Д・)」

1. Know your skin type. Your skin will be either sensitive, dry, oily, or combination or if you're lucky, normal. Once you know and understand your skin type, you'll know which beauty product or treatment that'll work wonders on your skin. 

2. Be clean. Don't be lazy to take baths and wash your face. Take a bath twice a day and wash your face after you wake up and before sleeping. I wash my face 3 times though. Well it's up to you just don't wash it too often and sleep with your make up still on.

3. Use products accordingly. Never use products that are made specifically for your body on your face. Like for example you use a body soap to wash your face, that's a crime towards your skin!

4. Keep your skin moist. Use moisturizer and lotion to prevent your skin from 'cracking' 

5. Be careful of the sun! Avoid sun rays starting from 11 am until 3 pm. Use sunblocks or products with SPF 15 or over. I get sunburns everytime I have PE class and it's not even 11 yet!

Sunburn on my nose, cheeks, above lips and chin :( ↓

6. Extra attention on neck and eyes area because the skin over there are thinner than the other parts of our body.

7. Don't forget your hands and your feet. Use lotion to keep them moist. If you want to wake up to a smooth and soft skin use lotion before sleeping :)
8. Drink lots of mineral water, no soft drinks. Water help adjust your body temperature and they help delivering nutritions to every single part of your body.

9. Never touch your acnes /pimples /zits! That will end up in a horrible disastrous result. Best way to clear annoying acnes are by eating healthily, keep your face clean and use acne cream or treatment. 

Bad example ↓ this happened after I aggressively tried to get the white thingy out of my skin,  accidentally tore my skin with my nails. This picture bellow is after 1 day treatment of propolis :} 

Well, there's actually more but above are the basic ones that you'll need and you'll success just by doing these basic steps. 

In my opinion, facials and other expensive stuffs are not really necessary unless your breakout is super horrible and it's all over on your face/neck/other location. But I've seen people in reality that actually do facial regularly still have so many acnes popping here and there. That's I think is a big waste of money and maybe the tools they're using aren't clean or maybe he/she's not eating healthy, clean and hygienic food, so in the end it all depends on us. 

Thanks for reading, have a good day and good luck!


Friday, 12 December 2014

Etude Collagen Moistful Skin Care Kit

Hello minna-san!!
 These days I've been using some skin care products from etude.. it's called collagen moistful skin care kit.. I got it free from etude house with a lip tint I bought months ago :D 
umm.. here's the packaging..
It consists :
Facial freshner (toner), emulsion, essence and cream :D
This skin care kit ingredients containts Baobab tree extract and Collagen.. which is super good for our skin face!! It naturally makes my skin looks much more healthier and fresh.. and it's also hydrating for my dry skin face

so.. here's some conclusions of the usage functions to make it simple! 

Toner : use it after washing your face and before you go to sleep :D it helps your skin to get more fresh and balance its ph.. and also clean your skin thoroughly! make your skin pores smaller 
Emulsion : especially made for oily skin!! this emulsion is the solution for oily skin to get collagen.. :D this also helps to make our skin pores smaller with a healthier skin, elastic and softer.. 
Essence : Anti-aging, small pores and it helps to deflated acnes! 
Cream : Moisturizing and also lifts skin.. it helps to reduce frown lines! (anti-aging) 

Aaah such a great product, right?! It has sooo many functions 
and it helps to make our skin looks healthier and of course more beautyful!! :D

Have you tried the product?? 
Tell me if you have.. I wanna hear.. :p

Mei Michiru :* 

Christmas Haul「クリスマスのハウル」

Hellooo everyone!! Christmas is near.. :D
Are you prepared for it? well, yeah.. I bought some new stuffs for my christmas :p here's some glimpses of them..
thanks to my mom who bought them all for mee.. hahaa
My new jacket jeans XD
Got a free honey skin powder from my favourite brand.. Mark & Spencer!! :D
Pretty fit Jewelery sandals.. so cutee hwaa
Cute star shaped jeweleries :* ring, necklace and ear rings 

Happy Holiday my friends... I hope you enjoy your holiday... so, watcha doin' for christmas and new year holiday? I'm currently studying for university entrance test!! 

Tell me?! 

Michiru >_< 

Packing and stuff


You know I have always loved everything about holidays except this one thing : packing.

So this christmas I'll be going to 美国 and visit my cousins there. It's winter and it's cold and the food over there is like in jumbo size. 

Packing for a hot summer trip is nbd but winter? It's super hard orz. Why? Because first, the weather there is like super cold at night but it can also be warm at noons so I need to balance stuff. Second, winter clothes are so heavy and space-consuming. Third, I can't choose which accessories to bring. Fourth, you can't wear sandals because then you'll get cold feet.

Anyway, wish me luck for my packing! 


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Maybelline COLORSHOW : Crayon Kôhl /Orange/


So today's review is about Maybelline's COLORSHOW Crayon Kôhl in Orange colour.

Here are some pictures of the product

Oops it's so fragile so you better be careful when using it (._.)

At first I was sort of nervous because I'm not sure what should I do to my face using this colour but then I tried applying it under my eyes and I think it looks good.

The orange colour makes my eyes pop and it makes the whole look fresher I think.

So overall, I think the product is good but too fragile.

1. Cute colour
2. Easy to use
3. Simple packaging 
4. Inexpensive
5. Not easy to erase

1. Too fragile

Anyway here are some photos of me wearing the product

Without drawing my brows I look really weird ↓

Much better but I look like someone else 

As you can see I also use the SONUDE lipstick from the previous reviews. 

I think I need to practise drawing eyebrows more :( 

Last but not least, my favourite picture and my first attempt in "winking in front of a camera" that is actually successful ↓

Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry for the selfie-spamming (⌒▽⌒) it's been a while since I get good selfies you know lol.

Stay tunned for the next upcoming posts!